Our Mission

Reproductive rights for all


Our mission is to take action against oppressive public policies to improve access to reproductive health for all, and to create a more equitable society that elevates everyone. 

  • Education: We seek to educate our members about current events and the context of our actions. 

  • Action: We take action together in our monthly meetings, as well as convene for protests, marches and other events.

  • Community: We cultivate an inclusive feminist community where all are seen and heard. 

Our vision

Feminism is for everyone

Our vision is to create a society where feminism, the equality of all genders, and the fight for reproductive health care is for everyone.

Our Goals

Volunteer led, volunteer run

We’re a small advocacy group. The co-founders have donated the purchase of the website, event space, as well as snacks and supplies for meetings. When we raise funds, we donate the full amount to a non-profit reproductive health organization of our members’ choosing.